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What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for the Protection of Life?
Evangelical Leader and SES President Dr. Richard Land: Sanctity of Life Was a Key Issue for Christian Voters CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Exit polls showed that...
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COTUS Paves Way for Taking Innocent Lives in Texas
Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Law That Would Have Limited Abortion Options CHARLOTTE, N.C.—The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled 5-3 to strike...
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Upholding Texas Law Could Mean a Step Toward Reversing Roe v. Wade, Protecting Life in America
Supreme Court Considers Landmark Abortion Case in Texas; Decision Expected Today   CHARLOTTE, N.C.—The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to announce a...
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One Year Later: How Has the SCOTUS Decision Impacted Marriage in America?
Dr. Richard Land Says Christians Must Remain Committed to Biblical Definition of Marriage In Spite of Cultural Shift CHARLOTTE, N.C.—One year ago,...
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Freedom of Speech on Trial—Squashed at Supreme Court But Protected in Tennessee
Southern Evangelical Seminary President and Evangelical Leader Dr. Richard Land Says SCOTUS Justices Should Be Ashamed While Governor and Lawmakers in Tennessee...
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