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Questions About Inerrancy: A Review of the Andy Stanley Controversy
By Jeff Lenhart, By now it’s no secret that Andy Stanley has preached some controversial sermons regarding the doctrine of inerrancy. In...
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Philosophy, Theology, and the Local Church
By Gerard Figurelli, How should we answer the perennial question regarding the relation of "Jerusalem" and "Athens" as it pertains to the...
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God in the Mirror: God, Man, Jesus, and Sin in the New Age
My name is Marcia Montenegro. I’m a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary, having earned an MA degree in Religion. The title of...
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Fall Course Offering: The Pentateuch
What is  the relationship of the Old Testament with the New Testament? Has the New Testament rendered the Old Testament void? Why...
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Five Errors When Arguing for the Existence of God
By Dr. Douglas E. Potter,  Over the years that I have been teaching Christian apologetics and theology to seventh graders through doctoral...
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