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God, The Shack, and the Christian Mind
Unless you live under a rock, you’re no doubt familiar with the New York Times bestselling book The Shack by William P....
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Teaching Logic to Kids
By Ramon Margallo, Not surprisingly, a home at the entrance of our subdivision got some early Halloween decorations up. Hmmm, that actually...
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A Preview: The Critical Need for Integrating Apologetics into Youth Ministry
At this year’s National Conference on Christian Apologetics, I will discussing The Critical Need for Integrating Apologetics into Youth Ministry. This talk...
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God in the Mirror: God, Man, Jesus, and Sin in the New Age
My name is Marcia Montenegro. I’m a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary, having earned an MA degree in Religion. The title of...
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Three Reasons Every Christian Should Attend A Christian Apologetics Conference Once A Year
I am sorry I missed the first one. Since 1993, Southern Evangelical Seminary has had an annual Christian apologetics conference. I have...
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