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Bill Nye, the Population Control Guy?
Humans Are Not a Liability, Says Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary   CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Apparently, Bill Nye is attempting to “save the...
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Evangelical Leader Dr. Richard Land: Why Neil Gorsuch Should Be Confirmed
Gorsuch is an Accomplished Legal Jurist, Traditionalist and Devotee to Natural Law, SaysSouthern Evangelical Seminary President on His Nationwide Radio Program; Also...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Offers Culturally Relevant Classes on ‘Ethics’ and ‘Problem of Evil’
SES Also Planning March 4 ‘Tactical Evangelism Seminar,’ Exploring Topics Such as ‘Basic Beliefs of Islam’ and ‘Why Are You a Christian?’...
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Why So Many Calvinists in the ‘Never Trump Movement’?
A few weeks ago a Roman Catholic colleague who is a conservative political scientist and economist asked me a thoughtful and unexpected...
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Why Belief In The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Is Necessary but not Sufficient for Christian Salvation
A theological-doctrinal controversy has erupted among prominent evangelical leaders concerning whether Christians, in seeking to reach millennials in a post-Christian world, should...
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