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A Super Human Coming to a Body Near You?
CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Think about your greatest perceived weakness or fault—something you wish you could change about yourself—if only you had the means or...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Celebrating 25 Years of Helping Christians Defend Their Faith
CHARLOTTE, N.C—This month, Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, is celebrating 25 years of helping its students around the world more ably defend...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary President and Evangelical Leader Dr. Richard Land: Entire Tone About December Greetings Has Shifted Since Election
CHARLOTTE, N.C.—“Donald Trump says ‘Merry Christmas,’ Obama wishes ‘happy holidays’” That headline in the Washington Times from late last week has a...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Shares ‘The Twelve Days of Apologetics’
SES President Dr. Richard Land and SES Faculty Relay 12 Reasons for the Truth of the Christmas Story Through Online Video Series...
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Confidence About Trump Transition Comes from Conservative Christians—And Vice Versa
Cover photo credit CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A new survey from the American Culture & Faith Institute finds that conservative Christians are helping move along...
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