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Is Christianity Useful Anymore? The Younger Generations Don’t Seem to Think So
According to recent research, the coming generations have no use for Christianity any more. I’m sure you’ve seen what these sociological studies have...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Mourns Death of Co-Founder Ross Rhoads
CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, is mourning the death of one of its co-founders today, Dr. Ross S. Rhoads, who passed...
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The Nature of Apologetics
By Dr. Richard Land,  Recently I read an article titled “Apologetics: Preaching to the Choir” by a former evangelical, Neil Carter. Neil...
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Americans Leaning Left on Key Social Issues
Americans Leaning Left on Key Social Issues, as Belief in Bible as Literal Word of God Wanes Southern Evangelical Seminary President and...
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The Ethical Responsibility of Brain-Computer Interface
Facebook Creating New Technology When Thoughts Alone Will Type on Computers—No Fingers Necessary; Southern Evangelical Seminary Students Explore Ethics, Faith, Science and...
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