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Why the Appearance of Design in Biology Is a Problem for Atheistic Naturalism
By J. Warner Wallace, As unlikely and unexpected as it may be, life exists in our universe, and just as researchers stipulate...
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The Apostles Wrote the Gospels as Eyewitness Accounts
By, J. Warner Wallace, When you write a book seeking to evaluate the Gospels as eyewitness accounts, you shouldn’t be surprised to...
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Minimal Facts on the Resurrection that Even Skeptics Accept
By Gary Habermas, My Minimal Facts Argument in favor of Jesus’ resurrection was developed many years ago while writing my PhD dissertation. ...
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Silenced No More: How To Keep Your Children From Being Silenced Into Submission
By Kathryn Camp, I am honored and excited to be speaking at the  National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA). In addition to...
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ISIS 101: What Christians Need to Know
Hello, My name is Zach Turek.  I’m a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary, having earned an MA degree in Philosophy.  The title...
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