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Coercive Censorship at Middlebury College: Part 1
In Vermont last week approximately 100 of Middlebury College’s 2,500 students shouted down a visiting speaker on their campus. The speaker was...
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A Second American Revolution
This article originally appeared in the Christian Post.  Tens of millions of Americans were shocked to their core by the unforeseen, unprecedented,...
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Chaplain Dr. Barry Black at the National Prayer Breakfast
Listen to Dr. Reverend Black give his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.  
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Southern Evangelical Seminary President and Evangelical Leader Dr. Richard Land: Entire Tone About December Greetings Has Shifted Since Election
CHARLOTTE, N.C.—“Donald Trump says ‘Merry Christmas,’ Obama wishes ‘happy holidays’” That headline in the Washington Times from late last week has a...
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Why So Many Calvinists in the ‘Never Trump Movement’?
A few weeks ago a Roman Catholic colleague who is a conservative political scientist and economist asked me a thoughtful and unexpected...
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