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The Nature of Apologetics
By Dr. Richard Land,  Recently I read an article titled “Apologetics: Preaching to the Choir” by a former evangelical, Neil Carter. Neil...
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The Importance of Theism vs. Atheism Debates.
This year’s SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics will feature a live debate between SES Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Dr. Richard...
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Is Our Preaching in Vain?
By Dr. David Haines, Prior to beginning my Master’s studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary, I was working as a youth pastor at...
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A Falafel Kind of Faith
By Jim Damron, Note:  The only way I could refute such claims and defend the Christian faith is because of the training...
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Logical Fallacies 101: Appeal to Authority | Ad Verecundiam
By Donald Sanchez, Introduction Fallacies of Weak Induction are logical fallacies that occur when the premises of an argument provide a weak...
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