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Five Things Christian Apologetics Must Have
Five Things Christian Apologetics Must Have I was raised in a Christian home, always active in an evangelical church, and was even...
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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Rodney Cripps
The effect of the training and education received at Southern Evangelical Seminary has greatly impacted our 114-year-old church in Pineville, North Carolina,...
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Logical Fallacies 101: “Straw Man”
Strawmen, scarecrows, and mannequins all have one thing in common: they are, by nature, flimsy objects that are easy to knock down....
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An Example of How to Use Apologetics in Your Sermon
When a pastor attempts to integrate apologetics into his sermons, many times  he is accused of being "too academic." If he attempts...
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10 Reasons Why I Rejected the Religion of Star Wars
Does the title sound exclusive and narrow-minded? What about this one: “Why I Rejected Religion and Instead Raised My Son on Star...
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