Phillip E. Johnson Chair of Science and Culture

Southern Evangelical Seminary is proud to announce that Dr. William Dembski has joined our faculty as the first Phillip E. Johnson Research Professor of Science and Culture. This chair is named after the man Dembski calls, ‘Darwin’s Nemesis’.

Dr. Johnson, law professor emeritus at UC Berkeley, is widely recognized as the point man of the Intelligent Design movement.

In the formative years of the movement, he authored numerous books and articles explaining the scientific, legal, and cultural dimensions of the debate between I.D. and Darwinism.

But it was Johnson’s 1991 book Darwin on Trial that first convinced many thinkers that neo-Darwinian evolution was supported more by a naturalistic worldview than by scientific evidence.

We’re honored to be the home of the Philip E. Johnson Science and Culture chair and we proudly welcome the chair’s first occupant, Dr. William Dembski, to the faculty of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

“I hope that the establishment of this chair will establish Southern Evangelical Seminary as a pioneering institution where the most intellectually rigorous thought is applied to the Darwinian theory of evolution and the worldview that generated that theory.” - Phillip Johnson