Southern Evangelical Seminary & Bible College

The VERITAS Graduate School of Apologetics

Online Education

Quality. Flexibility. Affordability.

“Biblically-based, accredited courses that can be taken from anywhere.”

Southern Evangelical Seminary specializes in Apologetics and Philosophy, and we are committed to having a biblically based, accredited online program that is characterized by Quality, Flexibility and Affordability.

Through the Moodle Course Management system, we offer the following degree programs fully online:

B.A. in Religious Studies
Certificate of Scientific Apologetics
Certificate of Islamic Studies
M.A. in Religion (M.A.R.)
M.A. in Apologetics
M.A. in Philosophy

The majority of classes run for a fifteen week period either on campus or as an online student. Periodically courses are offered as one-week intensive modules that can be attended by both resident and online students as well.

In the near future, Southern Evangelical Seminary will be be offering an assortment of hybrid courses that involve both online features and face-to-face interaction; and we also hope to add classes for a duration of eight weeks. Stay tuned for more information!


Our courses generally consist of the following:

  • reading assignments supplemented with narrated presentations by the content professors,
  • interactive discussion forums
  • online lessons
  • integrated group activities
  • online quizzes and exams
  • drop boxes for the digital submission of papers and projects.

We seek to use all of these technology tools in order to enhance our teaching and to reach our goal of providing a Quality education through a Flexible medium that is both cutting edge and Affordable.

Take the short tour of Moodle below so that you can get an idea of what to expect.

Technology Requirements for Online Education:

  • High Speed Internet Access

  • Internet browser (we recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome)

  • Standard e–mail programs

  • Ability to listen to standard digital mp3 audio files and view mp4 videos
Ability to read PDF files, as well as .doc or .docx files (Word files)

  • The ability to save files in a Word document format (for uploading on Moodle)