Online Education

Quality. Flexibility. Affordability.

“Biblically-based, accredited courses that can be taken from anywhere.”

Southern Evangelical Seminary specializes in Apologetics and Philosophy, and we are committed to having a biblically based, accredited online program that is characterized by Quality, Flexibility and Affordability.

We offer the following degree programs fully online:

B.A. in Religious Studies
Certificate of Scientific Apologetics
Certificate of Islamic Studies
M.A. in Religion (M.A.R.)
M.A. in Apologetics
M.A. in Philosophy

The majority of classes run for a fifteen week period either on campus or as an online student. Periodically courses are offered as one-week intensive modules that can be attended by both resident and online students as well.


Technology Requirements for Online Education:

  • High Speed Internet Access

  • Ability to listen to standard digital mp3 audio files and view mp4 videos
Ability to read PDF files, as well as .doc or .docx files (Word files)

  • The ability to save files in a Word document format (for uploading on Moodle)