Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Online Systems

Southern Evangelical Seminary offers its online courses in the following three formats.

One (1) Week Intensive Modules

The Modules at Southern Evangelical Seminary are often taught by special adjunct professors and guest lecturers not available for regular length courses. Modules at Southern Evangelical Seminary is a chance for students to take advantage of these academic specialists. Modules take place from Monday to Friday from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, and on Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Courses are also offered synchronously through live-video streaming, so if you are not able to be present on campus, you will still be able to participate in the actual course through an online conferencing format (*see below for more details).

Semester-long Online Classes (usually 15 weeks long)

These classes are designed to use the latest online features in order to offer students the same academic rigor as the resident courses with the addition of robust technology-enhanced conveniences.

These online classes typically include the following features:
Reading assignments supplemented with narrated presentations by the content professors,
Interactive discussion forums
Online lessons
Integrated group activities
Online quizzes and exams
Drop boxes for the digital submission of papers and projects.

Overview of Online Live Streaming

  • Live streaming is available for the one-week modular courses offered at SES. These courses are taught in residence, but synchronous (at the same-time) live streaming of the course is available for students who cannot attend the class in residence. (Live streaming classes are offered at the same tuition price).
  • Live streaming students will receive through e-mail an invitation from the conferencing site that we use (either Webex or Adobe Connect). This invitation will contain instructions and an Internet link to the conference site.
  • When the student “joins” the class via the conference site, they will be able to:

a. View the instructor through a video window
b. View presentations and documents through a shared video screen with the professor (from the professor’s computer)
c. Hear questions from the resident students
d. Ask their own questions through their computer microphones
e. Be seen by the resident class, as well as other online live streaming students, through their own web cam.

  • The live streaming, and the use of a conference site, will allow us to also record the class in its entirety so that the class will be available for review the next day. This will alleviate the problem of unfortunate technology difficulties or schedule conflicts that prevent students from attending class on particular evenings. The links for these videos will be posted on the course Moodle site the following day.

To register as an online student now, simply contact the Registrar, Doug Potter, at 704-847-5600 ext. 205.

Already a student? Simply visit Populi to complete registration online.