Online Systems

Southern Evangelical Seminary offers its online courses in the following three formats:

1. One (1) Week Intensive Modular courses

Modules are offered during four periods in the year:

  • Fall, during the month of October
  • Winter, during the second and third weeks of January
  • Spring, during the month of March
  • Summer, during May and July

2. Semester-long Online Classes (14 weeks long)

These classes are cohort driven in that the same students will start and finish the semester together. This way, students have an opportunity to learn together, as well as get to know their fellow classmates. The classes are designed to use the latest online features in order to offer students the same academic rigor as the resident courses with the addition of robust technology-enhanced conveniences.

3. Semester-long Hybrid Courses (usually 14 weeks long)

These are set up the same way as the online courses described above, but students will spend the face-to-face class time in class discussions and group projects since the lecture material and exam material is handled online. This allows for a more intensive time for interacting with the content of the course, and it allows the professors to spend more time helping students work through the material.

Technology Requirements for Online Education:

  • High Speed Internet Access

  • Internet browser (we recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome)

  • Standard e–mail programs

  • Ability to listen to standard digital mp3 audio files and view mp4 videos
Ability to read PDF files, as well as .doc or .docx files (Word files)

  • The ability to save files in a Word document format (for uploading on Moodle)

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