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Kevin Staley

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Kevin Staley

Associate Professor of Theology (B.A., 1998; M.A., 2005; Ph.D., 2011) Dissertation: Imago Dei in Machina?: A Theological Reflection on the Ethics of Man and Machine in Communion

Dr. Kevin Staley's main area of interest pertains to the application of a Biblical worldview to moral issues involving advanced technologies.

Specifically, Dr. Staley's speciality is in investigating the ethical issues that surround Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Enhancement technologies.

An enthusiastic writer, Dr. Staley is also a regular speaker at church events in the areas of Christian Theology, Apologetics, and Ethical Issues.

  • Ph.D., 2011, Systematic Theology, University of the Free State

  • M.A., 2005, Apologetics, Southern Evangelical Seminary

  • B.A., 1998, Theology, Miami Christian University

  • "Moral Perspectives for a Possible Posthuman Future," Christian Apologetics Journal, vol. 10, no. 2, (Fall 2012).

  • "God and Allah: Are They the Same," Christian Apologetics Journal, vol. 3 no. 1, (Spring 2004).

Academic Experience
  • Adjunct Professor, Southern Evangelical Seminary, NC, (2012 - present).

  • Adjunct Professor, Northrise University, Zambia, (2007).

Ministry Experience
  • Speaking and Teaching, Equipping with Truth Ministries, Uganda, (Fall 2012).

  • Evangelism, PT1615 Ministries, Jamaica, (Summer 2009).

  • Speaking and Teaching, Tactical Evangelism and Apologetics Mission, South Africa, (Summer 2008).

  • Evangelism, PT1615 Ministries, Mexico, (Summer 2004)

  • Evangelism, Mama Missions, Venezuela (Summer 1992).

  • Youth Pastor, Chapel Assembly of God, Georgia, (1998).

Professional Memberships
  • Society of Christian Ethics.

  • International Society of Christian Apologetics.

  • Kevin is married to Susan and has four children: Jordan, Ryan, Erin, and Morgan.